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Beeminer Group presents a firmware for Antminer performance increase.
  • S19/T19
  • S17/T17
  • S9/T9
  • Utilities

Beeminer Group immersion cooling firmware enables Antminer S17 overclocking to up to 50%, without the risks presented in dry cooling (such as overheating, vibrations, pollution), which lead to equipment damage. With our firmware, S17 Pro overclocked to 80 Th and consuming 3600 W is working at the same energy efficiency levels as on turbo mode (53-62 Th) on stock firmware. Also, there is an extreme mode in our firmware (85-90 Th), activate at your own risk. The firmware runs with 2,8% dev fee (1,8% for S9), which happens simultaneously, without pausing the owner’s mining.
With S17 getting more popular, safety is more concerning than ever before. Unlike in previous models, the solder used in S17 has a much lower melting point. When the miner is working at high power there is a risk of this solder giving in and melting. This flaw is not presented in our immersion cooling rigs though, since miners immersed in liquid are cooled down much more efficiently then on dry cooling.
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