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    Beeminer Group presents firmware for Antminer S9/S9i performance increase in immersion cooling conditions.

    Beeminer Group firmware for immersion cooling allows you to overclock Antminer S9 for 50% without the risks that lead to the breaking of hardware, which are presented in dry cooling (overheat, vibration and pollution). This firmware increases hashrate to 19-21 Th/s., while electricity consumption increases by 2000 – 2200 W. What that means is you need to use a higher capacity PSU, or 3 standard PSUs to power one miner.
    A Dev fee mining of 1.8% is built into firmware, which happens simultaneously without halting host’s hardware. The firmware only works with immersion cooling with fans turned off, in order to prevent dry cooling equipment from potential breaking. Fan emulators are not required. We will keep the firmware updated and improved.
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