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Beeminer HIVE-24RX

The flagship of Beeminer S17 series is an industrial grade unit that fits 24 S17 Antminers. This rig is the ideal solution for farms of any scales.
Container with
strapping fittings
Casing for miners
Brazed plate heat
Circulator pump
PDU and power cables
Maximum cooling capacity
96 kW
Optimal water consumption for 10 kW
0.3 m³/h
Electrical connection
5x50-70 mm² (copper conductors)
Water connection
3/4-1 inch minimum (for tap water)
Power consumption per pump
0,345 kW
Tank capacity
460 l
Assembled weight (without coolant)
180 kg
Dimensions with lid (LxWxH)
Detailed description and instructions The unit comes in two versions, with engine compartment either on the left or the right side of the device. The stock unit is designed for heat removal of 346 MJ or 96 kW/h of electricity. For example, 24 Antminer S17 x 4 kW (max. el. power overclocked) = 96 kW/h. The unit itself consumes 0.345 kW on the circulation pump. Installed heat exchanger should be connected to a source of cold water below 20 degrees Celsius. Tap water can be used, as well as, water from a reservoir (river, pond, lake), a well or a closed circuit, which presents lots of options (pipes laid in the ground, floor heating, heating of water intake, etc.). Electrical connection. The unit connects with a 50-70 mm² x 5 copper core cable. In the local distribution board, the cable should be protected by a 160 amps automatic circuit-breaker and RCD, or a 160 amps differential circuit-breaker. In the unit's board the cable is connected to an initiatory 160 amps circuit breaker, which is followed by contactors that switch power for miner's circuit-breakers (24 circuit breakers in total, 1 per miner). The board also features circuit breakers for control chain, pump, ethernet switch and an additional socket for connecting computer, etc. There are also temperature and voltage relays in the board. Water connection. The unit connects with any water-supply pipe, including flexible flow pipe. The heat exchanger nozzles have a 2" external rifling, thus adapter couplings may be required. A 3/4" flexible flow pipe is enough to connect to a main water supply. In other cases we will consult you if needed. The water-supply pipe should be connected to the lover nozzle, so that water in the heat exchanger would move in the opposite direction from the coolant. It is advisable to put a mesh filter for primary water refining and a valve for smooth adjustment of water flow to the heat exchanger. Volume of cold water supplied determines temperature of the coolant in the unit. Recommended coolant temperature is 40-45 degrees Celsius (for Antminer S17, may vary for different miners). The unit comes equipped with overheat protection. The thermostat is set to 48-52 degrees Celcius. When the unit heats up to 52 degrees it shuts down. After cooling down to 48 degrees it will turn on automatically. The user is able to change values of those thresholds, however it is not advised to set them above 60 degrees. The unit also features a system that automaticaly turns it off when level of coolant in the tank is lower then critical. The developer maintains the right to perform changes in the construction for the sake of it's improvement.
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